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During the Pandemic, Middleburg Marketplace opened its virtual doors with over 40 high-quality vendors and 800 curated, handcrafted items. What makes Middleburg Marketplace a one-of-a-kind site is 100% of the profit goes to charity.  Middleburg Marketplace also expands the distribution channels for artists, artisans, and creative entrepreneurs who were hit hard by the pandemic when events and shows were canceled.   
When the global pandemic meant that an annual in-person fundraising event could not be held, Gene LeCouteur, Rector, Emmanuel Episcopal Church asked volunteers to use their many years of business, tech, and charitable work experience to create a nonprofit online marketplace.  The focus is to drive money for charities and good causes by helping artists, artisans, and creative entrepreneurs to generate more sales.  All marketplace profit is donated to charities and good causes.    
Middleburg Marketplace lives its mission of “curated shopping for a cause”.  We recruit high-quality merchants and select products including fine arts, unique apparel, hand-crafted jewelry, and high-quality crafts. Our cause directly connects us to a local food pantry, a low-cost housing organization, battered women shelter, hospice, people struggling to pay basic bills, and more. 
Middleburg Marketplace is a multipurpose destination for artisans to sell their exceptional products and drive new revenue streams for charities and good causes.  Charities and creative entrepreneurs have suffered throughout the pandemic and Middleburg Marketplace wants to be part of the solution.”    
Middleburg Marketplace is continually on the lookout for new merchants and expanding our inventory.  Even as life returns to normal, we will continue to supplement in-person shows and focus on our cause to donate as much as we can to charities and good causes.   
Middlelburg Marketplace is a nonprofit, online marketplace supplying unique, high-quality, curated products with 100% of the profit going to charities and good causes.  Please contact Melanie Ingram, General Manager at for further information.  

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  • Mary Hayes

    Executive Director

  • Sally Lowe Ashburn

    CMO & CTO

  • Melanie Ingram

    General Manager

  • Pete Hayes

    Senior Advisor