About Us

Emmanuel Episcopal Church Middleburg


In 1948 the women of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Middleburg began organizing and hosting The Christmas Shop. The goal was (and is) to raise funds for the church and its outreach partners. To do so, they envisioned bringing exceptional shops and artisans to the Piedmont region for an annual event, offering local residents the opportunity to purchase distinctive gifts for family and friends while supporting good causes and small businesses. This year, we are expanding on this wonderful tradition and taking that experience online.


Many things have changed over the past 72 years, including the opportunity for people to shop online and purchase directly from vendors all over the world. What remains the same for our Marketplace is that we do the legwork for shoppers, identifying fine artisans and unique vendors, then bringing them all together in one place online for their shopping experience. While there is nothing like getting out of the house and visiting picturesque Middleburg, this year you will be able to shop the special vendors as before from the safety of your home.

Curated Shoping for a Cause

When the global pandemic meant that an annual in-person fundraising event could not be held, Gene LeCouteur, Rector, Emmanuel Episcopal Church asked volunteers to use their many years of business, tech, and charitable work experience to create a nonprofit online marketplace.

Middleburg Marketplace opened its virtual doors, during the pandemic, with over 40 high-quality vendors and 800 curated, handcrafted items. What makes Middleburg Marketplace different is its focus on artists and important causes.

Middleburg Marketplace lives its mission of “curated shopping for a cause”. We recruit high-quality merchants and select products including fine arts, unique apparel, hand-crafted jewelry, and high-quality crafts. Our cause directly connects us to a local food pantry, a low-cost housing organization, battered women shelter, hospice, people struggling to pay basic bills, and more.

  • 1. We Select Merchants

    We curate merchants with unique art, apparel, jewelry and crafts that embody the essence of Middleburg. Merchants keep all their sales, except for 15%, which goes into a charitable fund.

  • 2. We Fund Important Causes

    The charitable fund, administered by Emmanuel Episcopal Church, supports a variety of causes, including A Place to Be, LAWS, Seven Loaves, Windy Hill Foundation and Blue Ridge Hospice.

  • 3. We Make a Difference

    By highlighting artists and important causes, we help communities, small businesses, and make a difference in the world. When you make a purchase in our Marketplace, you help support this mission.

  • Mary Hayes, Executive Director

  • Pete Hayes, Senior Advisor